My Personal Beliefs

Everybody has their own belief structure that varies from individual to individual.  Here is mine.


I believe that a woman has a right to choose what to do with her body.  If she chooses to have an abortion or if she choses to deliver a baby, it’s up to her.

Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is still needed today and as recent events have shown, racism is far from dead.

Capital Punishment

I believe that Capital Punishment is wrong.  Man has no right to take another life.  That is up to God, not man.


I believe in a mix of Capitalism and Socialism.  Businesses ought to and should be heavily regulated by the government.  Left on their own, big business will succumb to excessive greed as recent events have proven.

I also believe that all utility companies should be nationalized by the federal government.  Water, electricity, gas and other utilities should be free and available to all regardless of income.  To charge for these services is immoral.


I believe that education should be taken out of the local and state control and transferred to the federal government.

Textbooks should be uniform nationwide and uniforms should be manditory for all grade levels.

Teachers should be graded annually on their sucess in the classrooms and proficiency tests should be administered in their specific subject before they are allowed to teach the subject.


The Federal government needs to come up with a plan to significantly increase the energy independence of the United States.

Oil is not the answer.  We need to expand research and implement alternative  energy resources.

Gun Control

The right to bear arms is not guaranteed by the Second Amendment.  This was written strictly for the maintenance of a militia (National Guard).  All guns should be confiscated and destroyed that are owned by individual citizens and made illegal to own.

Health Care

Health Care is a right, not a privilege. Health Care should be free and available to all regardless of income level and should be provided by the government.  We need to put all health care workers under federal employment.


I believe that people world-wide should have the right to live wherever they want.  As long as they  obey the law and live in peace, where they chose to live is up to them.

I also believe that all national borders should be eliminated.  Throughout history, most wars have been started by someone crossing one of these imaginary lines.

Religion and Government

I believe that there should be total separation of religion and government.  This includes the practice of recognizing religious holidays like Christmas as government holidays and religious icons on government property.  They should be removed as it is a violation of the First Amendment.

Same Sex Marriage

Adults should be able to marry any body they want to.  Male-female, male-male or female-female.  This is not the responsibility of the government.


I believe that all tax cuts for the wealthy making more than $250,000 a year should be eliminated.  This includes elimination of the capital gain tax cuts as well. We should also re-instate the  luxery tax that was eliminated back in the 1980’s.

I also believe that anyone making $50,000 or less should not be taxed on income at all.

Armed Forces

I believe that the armed forces of the United States should be utilized for peace, not war.  We are not the policemen for the entire world, individual countries need to take steps to provide for their own defense.  We cannot afford to defend the entire world any longer.


Welfare is a safety net that provides for basic needs of the people when circumstances require it.  No citizen of the United States should be homeless, hungry or without medical care.  This needs to be strengthened, not reduced or eliminated.

Social Security

Social Security was a program started in 1935 that provides a basic income for the elderly and disabled who can no longer provide for their own income through work.

It needs to be strengthened, not privatized or eliminated.  Currently Cost of Living Adjustments are voted on by Congress.  This needs to change because it has become a political issue.

We need to turn over decision to allow an annual COLA to a Social Security Commission.  It is hypocritical for Congress to deny a COLA increase, but they can vote themselves a nice little pay raise!

These are most of my own personal beliefs.  You can agree or disagree, but this is what I believe.


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