The opening shot of the class war was fired on January 20, 1981 at 12:00 noon when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as the 40th President of the United States.

Before we go into a discussion of this war, we need to take a brief look at its first commander-in-chief, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Ronald Reagan was born in humble beginnings in Dixon, Illinois and he later became a sports announcer, actor, labor leader and later politician and Governor of California and President of the United States.

Reagan was a Democrat until 1962 and gave a rousing speech for Senator Barry Goldwater at the 1964 Republican National Convention.  This was the door that opened him up to the Governorship of California and later, the Presidency.

Ronald Reagan loved to tout his blue collar roots and he was always happy to tell people that he was the only President who was a former labor leader. 

While it is true that he was President of the Screen Actors Guild from 1947 to 1952 and then again from 1959 to 1960; he is probably one of the few if any major labor leaders who reported his own guild members to the government for alleged “un-American “activities.

You see Ronald Reagan was a fervent diehard anti-Communist.  He was so paranoid of a Communist take over in the United States that he saw red behind every rock and door in the U.S.  Countless lives and careers were altered or destroyed due to his paranoia.

This war started on January 20, 1981 when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as the 40th President of the United States.

The landmark economic theory of the Reagan Administration was what was to be known as Reaganomics.  Reaganomics was based on four main principles:  1. reduce growth of government spending.  2.  Reduce income tax and capital gains tax.  3.  Reduce government regulation.  4.  Control the money supply to reduce inflation.

Now I am no economist by a long shot.  But to me at least three of these precepts look like you are giving a blank check to the wealthy and the corporate interests. 

When Reagan took office the tax rate on the top income bracket was 70%.  When he left office in 1989, it was 28%

To top off all of that the luxury tax was eliminated as well as the capital gains tax.  Another knife in the back of the economy was the fact that while revenues were significantly reduced during the Reagan years, defense spending significantly were increased as well.

Because of all this the national debt increased substantionally.  It rose from $900 billion to $2.8 trillion during the Reagan years.

The entire theory of Reaganomics is flawed.  During the FDR’s years Will Rogers coined a phrase for this type of economic philosophy.  He called it “The Trickle Down Theory.” The thought being that if the rich have more money, the wealth will trickle down to the lower classes.

George HW Bush had a better term for it.  During the 1980 Republican Presidential Primary he called it “Voodoo Economics.” I think that this is an excellent two word assessment of the entire Reagan economic policy.  It is unfortunate that Reagan’s policies were carried on by his successors including Mr. Bush.

The next commander-in-chief of the elitist class was George HW Bush.  Bush was a descendant of a blue blood family from New England and his Bush and Pierce relations have been in the American elitist class dating back to colonial times.

He ran for President dedicated to not raising taxes and to reduce the deficit that has significantly increased during the Reagan Administration of which he was a ranking member of.

Bush believed that the best way to reduce the deficit was to reduce spending.  This put him into an ideological war with the Democratic controlled Congress who believed that the best way was to raise taxes.

During the 1988 campaign Bush pledged to never raise taxes.  “Read my lips, no new taxes” was his battle cry which would eventually come back to haunt him.

Bush accepted a deal from the Democrats in Congress that would raise revenues with spending cuts which would reduce the deficit by $500 billion in the next five years.

Feeling betrayed, the Republicans in Congress along with some conservative Democrats forced the defeat of the compromise.  This forced Bush to accept a Democratic proposal that allowed for higher taxes and increased spending.  Somehow this passed and Bush signed it which he admitted later was a mistake because the elitist Republicans in Congress helped to have his popularity decrease nation wide.

In 1991, we entered an illegal war against Iraq.  Bush was able to get Congressional approval for this war and along with the U.N., we invaded Kuwait and pushed Iraqi forces back and forced them to surrender.

The idea was put out that this was a war to preserve freedom in democracy but in actuality it was a war to preserve the flow of oil to the west, primarily the United States.  It was later found out that the Bush family had long standing ties with the Saudi royal family and this was another motivation for the war against Iraq.

In the spring-summer of 1992, the U.S. entered into a deep recession.  Congress passed a bill extending unemployment compensation to the long term unemployed.  Bush refused to sign the bill stating that it wasn’t necessary, that there was no need for it.  This proved that his blue blood had him so far out of reality that he didn’t understand what the average American was going through.  This was further demonstrated during the election when George HW Bush proved that he didn’t even know how to shop for groceries and he couldn’t even try to guess what the average cost of a normal everyday grocery item would cost.

The last blue blooded elitist commander-in-chief that I am going to discuss is George W Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, the son of former President George HW Bush.

He ran for election in 2000 with one of the dirtiest below the belt campaigns in recent memory.  I’m not even going to discuss the issue that he was put in office illegally.  That is for another time.  Suffice it to say that he was placed into office by a majority of lifetime appointed court justices who demonstrated once again that a democratically elected candidate can still be denied his rightful office.

George W Bush has been classified as a “neoconservative.” That term means simply that focuses on foreign policy.  It also believes that it is necessary and proper to use American economic and military power to bring democracy and freedom to other countries.  George W Bush is a prime example of that term as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven.

The hallmark of the bush Administration was a series of tax reduction bills commonly called “the Bush Tax Cuts.” These measures while providing some minute relief to the middle and lower classes provided substantial tax cuts to corporations and the upper income brackets.

Supporters of these cuts stated that they would spur economic growth.  Studies have indicated that growth never happened, just another reason why “Voodoo Economics” does not work nor will it ever work.  Many economists have stated that these tax cuts were merely a redistribution of wealth shifting the burden away from the rich and increasing the burden to the middle and lower classes.  It’s like Marie Antoinette has returned, “let them eat bread!”

According to the Congressional Budget Office, extending these tax cuts for 10 years would increase the deficit by $3.5 trillion.

Couple that with the wars the President Bush started.  We are in the middle of two overseas wars, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.  These wars are costing the U.S. taxpayer billions of dollars per day.  As we have seen already, it is costing the middle and lower classes, not the upper classes.  They have no financial responsibility because they mostly pay little if any taxes.

George W. Bush was a complete disaster as President.  Because of his fiscal policies and his illegal foreign interventions he turned a budget surplus left over from the Clinton Administration into the largest budget deficits in American history.  It’s no wonder that you rarely see him in public and he is afraid to travel overseas.  Many countries want to try him as a war criminal and I for one hope that they get the opportunity.

Go back and look at the administrations of each of these three Presidents.  There is no way that any logical person can claim that there is no class war going on.  This is war between the upper and lower classes, between the rich and the poor.

Since the administration of Ronald Reagan, there has been no middle class.  His economic policies virtually destroyed that group.  Now all that is left is the working class and the elite.  That’s it, and believe me you had better start fighting for what you believe in or there will be nothing left to fight for.

Some people claim that it was Reagan’s increasing of defense spending and the fears of the Soviet Union of our “Star Wars” plan that caused Communism to fall.  That is simply not true.  Communism fell in Eastern Europe for one reason and one reason only.  People want freedom and economic independence.  People want to be able to have a life, provide for their family and see their children have a better life than they did.  These are all basic human rights that every human being on this planet should have.

Take a look at what is going on in the world right at this moment.  Look at Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Jordan.  What is happening there?   People are fighting for their freedom from oppressive governments that are unresponsive to them.  People like Gadiffy, Mubarek and Saleh.  Mubarek is gone.  Gadiffy and Saleh are not gone yet but it will probably be soon.  Even Saudi Arabia is attempting to begin reforms along with Jordan because they see the writing on the wall.

The people of the United States better wake up and realize that this is total war, there will be no prisoners.  The government of the United States, especially the elitist, racist Republican Party had better wake up too and hear what the people want instead of some heartless corporation.

The Preamble of the U.S. Constitutions reads, “We The People…..” not we the über rich and corporations.  Wake up America, your future depends on it!!!